Convenience Kits

These Convenience Injection Kits include FDA approved products used for in-office procedures. Our Convenience Injection Kits with NDC numbers increase reimbursement rates on procedures performed with these pre packaged injection kits

Increased Efficiency

Minimize the risk of human error and decrease the chances of contamination.

Increased Convenience

The kits contain everything for the procedure except for the needles and syringe.

Increased In-Office Revenue

Our web-based billing portal adjudicates your patient’s insurance.

Help your patients be Pain Free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the office bill for the kits and will it be an additional burden on my staff?

Clinic reimbursement for our pre-packaged injection kits is made simple for your staff by combining our web based billing/adjudication software and injection kits with NDC numbers.  All procedures performed with the kits our pre-authorized with pharmacy benefit managers by our web portal.  The software is user friendly and authorization is nearly instantaneous, making the process efficient for your staff.  The amount authorized for each kit will vary depending on a host of variables including medication, location of the clinic and the coverage of the patient in question.  Clinic reimbursement for each injection kit is based on the AWP fee schedule in each state.

What are these kits?
These Injection Convenience Kits include FDA approved products used for in-office procedures. Each pre-packaged injection kits has an NDC number to provide an in-office solution for Physician dispensing and billing of injection kits.


What are included in these kits?

The injection kits are manufactured by Enovachem, an FDA registered company that produces FDA approved injection kits. These kits contain the standard supplies that are essential when performing various injections for pain management, B-12 shots, flu inoculations, and provisions for a more sterile process.

Why couldn't I build my own kits using the supplies I have on hand?

Each of the kits are issued an NDC number  (“NDC” stands for National Drug Code). To use this NDC without utilizing this kit violates the U.S Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and is fraudulent. The NDC is a unique, 3-segment numeric-identifier assigned to each medication listed under Section 510 of the U.S.Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The first segment of the NDC identifies the manufacturer; the second segment identifies the product, and the third segment identifies the package size.

How does the billing work?

Our web-based portal provides a platform for the real time pre-adjudication of all claims for patients who are candidates for a procedure performed with our injection kits.  The electronic authorization provides clinics with the ability to determine reimbursement rates on each injection prior to using them in a procedure, ensuring a positive net revenue on each procedure.  The portal allows your office the ability to bill for injections over and above the normal CPT labor code since they are dispensing the injection kit out of the clinic.  The reimbursement rate on injection kits dispensed varies based on the AWP fee schedule for each injection kit and the insurance coverage of the patient undergoing the procedure.  Since our injection kits come labeled with NDC numbers they are reimbursed for patients covered under commercial insurance and workman’s compensation, with additional payers to be determined.  Our web portal ensures that all patients are pre-authorized before procedures are performed.

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